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Virtual Training in Havertown

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Do You Want to Stay Fit, Reduce Stress, and

Keep Your Body Performing At It's Best?

Would You Like To Have A Personal COACH, Be Able To Follow A Proven Plan, Join A Healthy Online Community, Feel Safe Working Out In Person, Or Be Able To Do It From Home, and Be Able To Create Your Own Schedule?

How the 28-Day IGNITE®Trial Works

You will experience the same things our in person members do:
-The same workouts
-The same coaching
-The same positive benefits
It doesn’t matter if you are joining us in person or from your bedroom, basement, or backyard.  We guarantee we will help you create Better Health, a Better Life, and a Better World for YOU!!!


1. We welcome a limited number of IGNITE® trial memberships each month for a brand new 4-week experience. You register by clicking on the link below:

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2. You get access to our Virtual BLAST® Workouts.

  • Our virtual coaching sessions are different from any online training you've ever experienced. We have Ultimate Wellness Coaches on every session to demonstrate the exercises, narrate the workout, AND since the video is 2-way, correct your form. It's as close as you can get to a group session in our facility and WAY better than trying to do it on your own. (All training sessions can be done without equipment or using typical household items as desired)
  • You will be assigned to 3 workout times on either a Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule.  We have morning times available Mon-Sat and evening times available Mon-Thur.  If you need an alternate time, we may be able to accommodate. Please just ask.
  • All sessions are recorded and you will get access to them, so if you can't make it live, you can do the workouts any time, any place... (Well, not any place exactly, but you can always pick a different room in your home ;)
  • You will also receive bonus core strengthening and cardio interval exercise instructions along with a Fundamental Nutrition Guide to help you get the best results possible.

3. You become part of our Ultimate Wellness Online Community.

This is the online gathering place for the Ultimate Wellness Family. This is where you can share your successes, ask nutrition questions, share your 'sweaty selfies', or post anything that will help us all become happier, healthier, & stronger. It's also a place where you'll get daily communications to help keep you educated, motivated, and dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.



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    Why Should You Trust Me When It Comes To Helping You Achieve Greater Health And Improve Your Quality of Life?

    Here’s a brief explanation of what drives me:

    Never Done Virtual Training? Here Is Some Feedback From Our Members…


    How has the Virtual BLAST® program helped you achieve Better Health?

    - ”I am able to be more consistent in my workouts due to the multiple times offered.  I am able to get my workouts in before work in the morning.”

    - ”Keeps me moving.”

    - ”It has allowed me to keep up with my workouts.”

    - ”It forces me to use my body in ways I don't normally do so and get up off my a*$”

    - ”Great workouts, consistent accountability, convenient”

    - ”Yes. It keeps me on an exercise routine. Workouts are thorough and enjoyable.”

    -”The virtual program and challenges over the past year + have been very inspirational. They have helped me maintain a positive outlook.”


    What makes the Virtual BLAST® program different/better from other online programs you may have tried?

    - ”Multiple time options to fit into your schedule.”

    - ”watching guided workouts; flexibility of when I can do the workouts based on my busy schedule”

    -”A live instructor”

    - ”You are participating with others who are in the program whether they are virtual or in person. The coach participates too. Coaches make sure and correct you if you are doing the exercise incorrectly. Modifications to exercises are also given. Prior to the start, coaches demonstrate the exercise routine. Ultimate Wellness is also family oriented. There is something for everyone. Recorded sessions are also provided in case you miss a session. I used to lift "heavier" weights at the gym. After this program, I am not sure heavier weights is a healthy option.”


    What positive benefits have you experienced from having a COACH to guide you through your Virtual BLAST® experience? 

    - ”I know that a coach is always there if needed to help with anything, if I have a question, or if I experience an injury.”

    - ”Mark's positivity on the live virtual sessions are great. He addresses the virtual participants, and makes sure we are in good form.”

    - ”You are more likely to consistently participate with a coach present at all classes.”

    - ”I’m getting my exercise in and knowing if I’m doing it wrong the coaches are there to guide me the right way.”

    - ”Accountability to an actual human who actually cares and is an excellent leader & motivator and who does exercises safely. If questions or difficulty I have an actual expert to talk to”

    - ”Accountability, I have kept off 20 pounds since the pandemic started”

    -”It feels like I am in person”

    -”I know that I am doing the exercises correctly. There is motivation from the coaches. I have more energy. I am motivated to continue with the routine.”


    What are some of your favorite things about participating in the Virtual BLAST® program?

    - ”The Virtual BLAST® program allows me to be consistent with my workouts even when I’m away”

    - ”The flexibility to work with my schedule.”

    - ”I don’t have to leave my house and I make it to the classes on time.”

    - ”Getting more fit and not getting hurt. Person to be accountable to. No longer have to schlep to the gym in traffic. Love the music too!”

    - ”Convenience, community on FB”

    - ”That I can decide at the last minute to do a class!”

    - ”I am home in my space with my own equipment. It is good for time sake and not catching COVID. I like the feel as if I am participating with those who are at the facility. I like that the coach participates in the exercise routine with us. I like that there is a recording in case we miss a session.”

    - ”I appreciate that I was able to continue the routine of the regular times for the workouts in a live / virtual setting, and I have continued to do so.”


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    If we can STAY HEALTHY now, we won’t have to get healthy later when it won’t be as simple to do. Let us help you create a healthier, happier life for you and your family today, tomorrow, and beyond.

    Stay Active, Stay Healthy, Stay Positive!!!

    Mark Greenwood


    Ultimate Wellness


    Look Better, Feel Better, and Perform Better at Ultimate Wellness!

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