If you’re stressed, overwhelmed and struggling to balance work, life, and your own health, the 30-Day Resilience Challenge is the perfect solution for you!

  • Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties - a quality of toughness

  • Your resilience has never been more important for your physical and mental health

This exciting new challenge starts August 1st.  I hope you will join us.

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For years I’ve offered different transformation challenges that have helped hundreds of people  transform their body and improve their overall health by coaching them on the basic principles of living a healthy lifestyle.


For the most part, we focus on the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition.  And as clients learn how to improve those areas, it always has a positive effect on their mental health as well.

But with everything going on in our world today, I felt it was important to dig deeper and offer a solution to improving mental health in a whole new way.


I knew I had to create a program that made a difference...that focused on more than just fitness and food.


Because what you really need is a NEW kind of strength-training program. 


The kind of strength-training we really need is strength-training for your mind. 


You’ve probably had breaking points in life. 


You know those breaking points I'm talking about? The ones that pull you off-track; that make you question everything you’ve worked so hard for - or even question yourself; that make you feel like you’ve lost all control; or that give you that feeling like you’re trying to climb a slippery pole? 


These are times when our resilience is being tested. 


Striving to be resilient is HARD, and TRYING, and even DEFEATING.


But you probably need resilience more than ever - especially right now. And remaining resilient will become more and more challenging if it’s not strengthened. It’s critically important that we make it a priority for the sake of our physical, mental, and emotional health.


So, back to my new strength-training program. 


It's a program focused on strengthening mindset and strengthening resilience.


I’ve created the 30-Day Resilience Challenge that will: strengthen your mind, help you better manage stressful times, and give you a sense of balance even when balance seems so incredibly hard to achieve. Think of it as a workout program for your mind. 



This NEW strength-training program requies only two simple habits.


Each morning during the 30-Day Resilience Challenge, I will send you a morning inspirational message to read and reflect upon. It's like a "morning workout" for your mind that will set the tone for the day. This will take you about 5-10 minutes every morning. That’s it!


The second part of the challenge is to spend 5-10 minutes each night before bed answering a few very simple questions in a printable journal I’ve made for you. 




Science proves it!


Mindfulness and resilience are directly connected to achieving goals, lessening the risk of stress-related diseases, and better mental health (and we all know that when we feel mentally strong, we are more likely to stick with our fitness and nutrition goals!). 

This 30-Day Resilience Challenge is NOT about doing more...it's about doing what matters.




It’s actually pretty simple! For 30 days, there are just two goals you will focus on everyday: one in the morning and one in the evening. 

The morning goal is simple...you’ll receive an inspiring morning meditation and a few questions to think about that will set the tone for your day. 

In the evening, you’ll answer a few simple reflection questions in a beautiful journal I’ve made you to print out and keep by your bedside.

Each goal should take you no more than about 10 minutes!  




We’ve made this simple too! We’ll send you the morning meditations every morning in our MyCoach app and you’ll also get a printable journal for you to use in the evenings. 


Additional support, conversation and connection will be held in our  private Facebook group.




This 30-day challenge is focused on simple daily goals that are proven to help you achieve physical and mental resilience (which affects your physical health including your weight and energy). I've discovered that especially in high-stress times, less is actually more. The focus of this 30-Day ‘challenge’ is on building mindfulness and resilience.  However, if you want to also improve your physical health, then you have the option to incorporate exercise and nutrition as well.  We also provide a fundamental fitness and food plan for you to follow and achieve the best possible results in improving your overall health.  Simple and achievable is the key for your success - especially now!


With that said, by strengthening your mindset - you’re far more likely to stick to your fitness and nutrition goals!


When Does It Start and Where Do I Sign Up???


The 30-Day Resilience Challenge starts Saturday August 1st.  The deadline to register is Friday July 31st.


There are two different options for you to join the challenge.

First, if you want to only focus on the mental health aspect, then you can join the 30-Day Resilience Challenge for just $47.


If you want to work on your mental and physical health, you can also gain access to our exercise and nutrition coaching for just $107


With this you’ll get access to 3 BLAST workouts each week for 4 weeks.  You may do this live in person (based on availability) or via Zoom.  The Zoom workouts will be live at our designated workout times, but will also be recorded and made available if you can’t make your scheduled time.


You’ll also receive bonus exercise instructions for additional workouts you can do on your own in between your scheduled BLAST workouts.


You’ll also get a fantastic fundamental food guide to help you improve your nutrition and achieve even better results.


And you’ll be invited to join our online community via a private Facebook group to help keep you educated, motivated, and dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle.

(This is an old picture. We haven’t had anybody that close together in some time ;)


What I can tell you as your COACH and friend...right now what is most important for us is mental toughness and emotional resiliency to navigate this very uncertain time. The more resilient you are, the more likely you are to make healthier decisions overall. I do promise that you will feel supported and more purposeful instead of stuck, alone, and frustrated.

Imagine not feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed and instead feel empowered, in control and resilient. 

I hope you’ll give yourself the chance to discover the incredibly powerful benefits of a stronger, fitter mindset to go along with a stronger, fitter body. 

Why We're Doing This

Though I didn’t grow up in Havertown, Delco [born and raised in North Scranton :)] I have lived here for over 16 years. My wife was born and raised here [Delco,go figure ;)], our 3 kids all go to Sacred Heart School, and my business, Ultimate Wellness, has grown up here and allowed me to get to know, connect with, and have a positive impact on so many people in our community.

This is my home and I want to help.

I started Ultimate Wellness 10 years ago to help my community Look Better, Feel Better, and Perform Better by building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and improving their overall quality of life.

At Ultimate Wellness, we are more than just 4 walls with some equipment inside them. We are local medical fitness leaders who really care about our community. During these stressful times, we are looking to deliver you some community service (health & happiness) through fitness as an investment in the future of our community & our business.

Here’s what drives me:


Never Done Virtual Training? Here Are Some Reviews…

Susan Carroll-Chester:

I want to tell you how fortunate Joe and I feel that we have joined the perfect gym for us. You coming on live and motivating us and giving us an awesome workout is terrific. I look forward to our workouts, it’s the normalcy That we’re all looking for. Thank you Mark, keep up the good work.

Cora Walker

Cora Walker:

Thank you... perfect words to describe how awesome I feel right after finally getting online. Thanks Mark Greenwood!!

Kristin Erika Hand

Kristin Erika Hand:

Thanks Mark. Worked out today with my husband Sean to yesterday's video. Really improved our outlook on the day!

Jennifer George Kaercher

Jennifer George Kaercher:

Hey Mark! I just finished today’s workout. Friday is awesome. Thanks so much for keeping us accountable !!!!πŸ’šπŸ€πŸ’š

Allyson Marie:

Some new Blast members working hard today! Thanks for the workout videos.

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

Sheila McNabb

Sheila McNabb:

Thank you Mark. I did the Monday routine with your YouTube video today. We also did the family activity. Thank you so much for keeping us going!

Colleen Bonner

Colleen Bonner:

Thank you! This is so great that you are doing these live!

Caitlin Caniz Trainer

Caitlin Caniz Trainer:

Thanks Mark! You rock

Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson:

Doing the workout w/ my 14 and11 yo boys —- thanks Mark!

Tennille Spies

Tennille Spies:

You are honestly the best ever Trainer you go above and beyond during a crisis that the world is having to make sure that we that are all stuck on the couch is gaining weight eating junk food but you’re a true motivator to login and work out with you I can’t wait to get back in the action one on one without the FaceTime anything but I really do appreciate what you are doing you truly care about fitness and health

Cathy Conway Hetznecker

Cathy Conway Hetznecker:

Thanks for all you do for us Mark!

Lauri Watkins

Lauri Watkins:

Thanks Mark! Sweating in my basement is a good way to start the day!

Erica Santori Reisenwitz

Erica Santori Reisenwitz:

Excellent workout! Thanks Mark!

Loredana Palma Tascione

Loredana Palma Tascione:

Awesome workout again! Did it this afternoon outback on this beautiful day. Thanks Mark & Rob! Stay healthy everyone.

Renee Steigerwalt

Renee Steigerwalt:

Great workout! Nick and Jake joined me!

Fran Kelly McCue

Fran Kelly McCue:

Happy Sunday Mark Thanks for making this week less stressful πŸ’•

Susan Adams

Susan Adams:

Thanks for your positive inspiration and continued support!

Tina Angelo

Tina Angelo:

Awesome way to start this week

Stefanie Geist McDevitt

Stefanie Geist McDevitt:

This was great. Thanks Mark!

Amanda Reyes

Amanda Reyes:

Thanks Mark! This was great!

Sheila Criscuolo

Sheila Criscuolo:

Thanks Mark! I feel better alreadyπŸ˜ƒ

Theresa Kain Murray

Theresa Kain Murray:

Hey Mark!! Thank you so much for going above and beyond with all the workouts.Last week on Monday I did one of the video’s then did the FB live workouts. Loving the live workouts. I’ve been sticking to the evening workouts. This gives me something to look forward too and keeps me motivated!! Thanks again for everything!!

Maura Rogers

Maura Rogers:

Hey Mark, I used YouTube and live. Live was definitely more fun and more sweat. Sticking to my regular schedule has been a challenge but also a great idea. I SO appreciate your effort and constant encouragement!

Bob Davis

Bob Davis:

I did 3 live workouts. 2 during the week and 1 on Sat. I thought it was great.

Kevin Magee

Kevin Magee:

Loved the work outs via Facebook. Same outcome as if I was in the Lab. Great work out!

Alice Datner

Alice Datner:

I love the live sessions! They are something to look forward to and keep me on schedule! I did my regular two plus Saturday morning. But I’ve also taken long walks everyday! I need fresh air. I really appreciate all of your efforts during this crazy time, Mark!

Matt Fullmer

Matt Fullmer:

I worked out more. Mary worked out more. The kids participated in most of the workouts. We love in-person, but virtual workouts are amazing and you’re on to something great. Keep up the amazing work bro.

Romina Aida

Romina Aida:

I did three workouts two live and one on YouTube. My kids joined in! Thanks for keeping us healthy and in shape!

Michelle D'Emilio Welsh

Michelle D'Emilio Welsh:

I did the live workouts each day. Kept with early in the morning (but some days did the 6:15am instead of 5:30). They were great.

Kathy DeFruscio Cervellero

Kathy DeFruscio Cervellero:

I used the live and the youtube videos. Worked out 5 days this week and has some great walks with Frank and the boys. Got the boys doing the workouts too. Thanks for everything you are doing to help us stay on track.

Mary Beth Bishop

Mary Beth Bishop:

I did the live workouts at my usual 8:45 time..I also played back one of the live workouts to do in the afternoon on a 3rd day. Walking/biking just about every day with the family! I think what your doing is great, much appreciated!!


Thank you for providing the online sessions. They have been a welcome distraction and I am hoping they help me get back on track with exercising. I did three sessions last week which is more than I have been doing lately. Now with all the schedules coming to a halt, I have time to focus on me and getting back on track. I have been doing the 8:45 am because that works better for me. At that point the house is quiet. We have also been trying to go for a half hour or more walk each night. Trying to stay mentally healthy too. My plan is to try for at least 5 days this week. I can't guarantee times though. Thanks for everything you do to keep your blasters healthy.



Thanks for helping us keep our sanity during this time. I know I struggle with anxiety, and this is really helping me to keep working out. I was really worried about the gym closing the week before knowing you would have this alternative.



I so much prefer watching the live video - I pushed myself harder than when I watched the you tube videos and did it in my own. Appreciate all you're doing! And I am considering becoming a full-time blaster. I'm grateful to have started before the madness!!

- Emily

Also like you doing live sessions at my class times. Makes me feel like I am part of the group even though I am home. It kept me on track this past week and helped me feel somewhat normal.

Thanks, Tina

Thank you for doing this. If not only keeps me feeling semi normal in this crazy time but also ensures I’m exercising still.

I hope you and your family are able to stay healthy and safe until this madness is over!

Thanks again,

Stefanie & Matt

I love the videos and the fact I can do them anytime. I definitely prefer coming to the L.A.B. though, but this can help maintain until we are back. Thanks for everything you are doing for the entire family.


Thanks for checking in, your positivity and consistency is important for so many, Mark, keep it going!!


I worked out 3 times this past week, just sort of all over the place. I really appreciated the ability to access them when it worked for me, and really helped alleviate my anxiety.

Very grateful for BLAST!


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