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We interrupt your regularly scheduled negativity time to bring you this important message:

You are being brainwashed into thinking that the world is NEGATIVE.

It seems like everything you read, watch, and listen to is filled with bad news that’s “making you” feel sad, mad, stressed, and depressed.

Not to say it’s unwarranted.  The world isn't exactly "Back To Normal".

I mean the list of negative News items we consume on a daily basis can leave your head spinning.

Whether we are talking about the pandemic, politics, or the public behavior associated with both, the feelings people have are overwhelmingly negative.

You, your family, your community, your country. You’ve all suffered. In Mind, Body, and Spirit.


It's obvious that the attitudes associated with the "3 P's" in our world today (Pandemic, Politics, Public Behavior) are overwhelmingly negative.

What does all of this negativity do to you?  
Does it make your health better?
Does it make your life better?
Does it make your world better?

No it doesn’t. Not for you and not for many of the people you know and love.
In fact, all that negativity has brought on an unprecedented wave of mental health issues.

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance abuse 
  • Addictions
  • Suicides
  • And many others


And those mental health issues have only contributed more to a steady decline in many people’s physical health as well.  Inactivity and a greater sedentary lifestyle are leading to an increase in things like:

  • Weight gain and obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Breathing problems
  • Chronic muscle aches and joint pain
  • And many others


Does any of this sound familiar to you?  
Can you identify with any of those mental or physical health issues? 

If so, you’re not alone.

So what exactly does that mean for your future?

Well, honestly your future is up to you.
You may not able to control the "3 P's" but you can control your own attitude and actions.

Do you want to remain in a negative state of mind forever?
Or do you want something brighter and better for you, your family, and the world around you?

I know it may seem like the world is dark, negative, and against you for some reason.

And if you are Fed Up with everything going on in the world today, a brighter and better future may seem a million miles away.  But what if it wasn’t?  What if it was right around the corner?  What if it could happen today? 

Well it can if you know where to start.  

And you know what to do.
And you know how to do it.

You need to Face Up to your situation, identify the negative influences in your life, and attempt to make things better.

Oh, you have no idea what to do?  
You’re not motivated?  
You can’t possibly do it alone?
Guess what? You don’t have to.

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Wouldn’t you like someone to guide you down this path?
And I don’t mean just anyone who makes wild claims and empty promises that achieving better health, a better life, and a better world is EASY.

I don’t mean someone who believes that you can outlift and sweat away all your problems.
And not someone who believes that a special diet relying on pills, powders, and potions will wash away the negativity that surrounds you on a daily basis.

I’m talking about your very own Ultimate Wellness COACH.  

Someone to help you improve and become healthier in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.
Someone to take you by the hand and show you that although being healthy isn’t easy, it certainly doesn’t have to be complicated. 

That’s what your COACH is for.  

To help you along your journey towards creating better health, a better life, and a better world.
So what does it take to accomplish this?

It takes a SIMPLE plan.

If you can follow a few basic principles on a consistent basis, there’s no doubt you will achieve SUCCESS.

When you have negative habits, like so many of us have fallen prey to, then they will lead to poor health >>> a lower quality of life >>> and a negative world around you.
However, when you have positive habits, they will lead to better health >>> an improved quality of life >>> and a more positive world around you.

Sounds SIMPLE doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.

Now that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Achieving and maintaining good health is never easy. But like I said, it isn’t complicated either.  

That’s why it helps to have your own COACH.

Your COACH is going to show you what to do and how to do it.  
Your COACH will help educate and motivate you.  
Your COACH can do it with you but not for you.  
You still have to put in the work.  You have to make the effort.  You have to take action!!! 

However, you don’t have to be perfect.  You just need to show progress.  
But in order to do that, you need to get started and begin to Follow Up on this SIMPLE plan.


It doesn’t matter where you’re at right this minute in terms of your health.

Your Ultimate Wellness COACH will work with you and meet you where you’re currently at.  

Then he/she will help you improve slowly, safely, and successfully based on the basic principles of The Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle.

So let’s start building those positive habits together.  

Join us in the Ultimate Wellness FU Challenge so we can help create 

Better Health, a Better Life, and a Better World for YOU!!!
Let’s lay a foundation of better health to help you Finish Up the year strong so your mind and body are ready for even greater things to come next year and beyond.


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What happens if you don’t join the FU Challenge?

Chances are you’ll continue to be a victim of the wave of negativity that continues to crash all around you. Perhaps you’ll experience more loss, more defeat, more heartache, more despair.

Let’s face it, the world around you is unhealthy.  

There’s some/many degrees of chaos all around you with uncertainty concerning:

  • the health of you and your family
  • employment/job security
  • financial difficulties
  • social restrictions

And that’s just in your little world.  

Magnify that by nearly everyone and that’s a lot of chaos, uncertainty, and negativity.

You may feel like you’ve lost control of your health, your finances, and your day-to-day life.

But there are many things you can’t control like:

  • pandemics
  • political decisions
  • public opinions and behaviors

And the negative effects they’ve caused.

I mean, with all that’s going on, who wouldn’t be anxious?  

Who wouldn’t get depressed?  

Who wouldn’t want to turn to something to help ease the pain and suffering?

At this point in time, I’m sure you are FED UP and feel like saying “FU” to all of it.


But things are only going to get better for you if you acknowledge the negatives in your life.

You can’t hide from them and pretend they don’t exist. They won’t just go away.

You also can’t continue to be consumed and overwhelmed by the negatives.  

That won’t help either.

The fact is if you want to improve, you need to FACE UP to the negatives - in your health, your life, and your world.  
You have to decide that you want to make that change.  You need to ask for help.  You are not alone.  We all need help in life.
You have to FOLLOW UP with a plan of action.

Like we said, there are too many things out of your control that have a negative influence on you. But that doesn’t have to continue.

There are two things you have control over:

  • Your Attitude
  • Your Action

And if you take control of those, then as we head towards the end of the year, you can truly FINISH UP Strong!


What happens if you do join the FU Challenge?

If you do join the FU Challenge, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to feel better in many ways. 

You can have:

  • a better attitude-better sleep
  • more energy
  • more strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • better HABITs
  • better relationships
  • better productivity
  • better performance in all that you do
  • clothes fit better
  • better self-esteem and confidence
  • better quality of life

It's time for some POSITIVITY AND PROGRESS. It's time for some SUCCESS!!!

It’s time for you to FINISH UP 2021 STRONG - in Mindy, Body, and Spirit

It’s time for you to create your better future and to join us for the 


#fuchallenge #fustrong


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Here’s what you get with the Ultimate Wellness FU Challenge:

This FU Challenge is a 4 week experience meant to help you improve your health, which will in turn help you improve your quality of life, which will in turn help you improve the world around you.

You will spend that time focused on increasing positive HABITs in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

You may join this FU Challenge from anywhere in the world.  We hope that you will invite your family and friends to join you as well.

Everyone, both young and old, has suffered to some degree and could use an opportunity to develop a POSITIVE "FU" Mindset.

What will this FU Challenge consist of? 

>>>3 live workouts each week 

  • These are 30 minute workouts that focus on Life Improving Functional Exercise
  • Live workouts can be in person at The Ultimate Wellness L.A.B. (based on availability) or via Zoom from your own personal location if you prefer a virtual option.
  • You will establish a set schedule (Mon/Wed/Fri) or (Tue/Thur/Sat) before your first workout
  • If you can’t make the live workouts (in person or on Zoom), you will have access to daily recordings posted on our private Facebook group page

>>>Bonus workouts to be done in between BLAST workouts

  • 4 different core strengthening routines (1 for each week)
  • options for cardio interval training routines that can be done anywhere with or without equipment

>>>Fundamental Food Guide

  • Breakdown of the basics
  • What nutrients your body needs, where to get them from, how much you need
  • Shopping list and suggestions of what to eat and not to eat for optimum results
  • Cookbook with delicious and nutritious recipes

>>>Optional Sugar Detox

  • Focused on eliminating sugars and other food and beverage items that cause toxicity and inflammation

>>>Access to our private FU Challenge Facebook group

  • the ability to interact with our Ultimate Wellness community
  • share your positive experience
  • ask questions-access recordings of the daily workouts
  • get daily messages to help you along the way

>>>30 Day Core Valuables Journal and Video Series

  • a daily video message to get your mind set and impact your day in a positive way
  • a journal to print and document how each video impacted your day

>>>Chance to give back to your community

This FU Challenge is about staying POSITIVE and overcoming negatives in your health, life, and world.  It’s about developing and improving mental health more than anything.  We realize many people are struggling with mental health issues right now.  It’s more important than ever to bring attention to those struggles and let people know that they are not alone.  They do not have to fight these battles alone.  And that they have hope to overcome and rise above their struggles.

We are partnering with the Havertown Village Project during this FU Challenge. A portion of our proceeds will be donated to this organization.
We feel that it is important for people in our community who are dealing with mental health issues to get the support they need.

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What is expected of you?

What is expected of you?

This is NOT a weight loss contest.  

If you happen to lose weight because you developed and practiced more Positive HABITs then consider it a bonus.  This is meant to be pressure-free.

You are expected to enter into this FU Challenge with the intent on improving 1 aspect of your health in a positive way in order to improve your quality of life and in turn, improve the world around you.

You are expected to display a Positive Mental Attitude and to focus on making Progress over Perfection.


Focus on the basics, be consistent, and you should find SUCCESS.

The goal of the FU Challenge is to create a positive impact on the world one healthy lifestyle at a time. Please do your family, friends, and community a favor by sharing everything about the FU Challenge with them.

  • share the link to get registered with as many people as you can
  • actively engage on social media to spread the message by posting pictures and videos of how you want to Finish Up the spring in a positive way and/or how you’re going to say “FU” by not letting the negativity keep you down.

When does the FU Challenge start and how do you join?

The FU Challenge will begin Saturday, November 27th with 2 days of welcome messages and instructions.  
Then workouts begin Monday, November 29th.
The last live workout will be Friday morning December 24th. 
The FU Challenge officially ends Sunday, December 26th.
The deadline to register is midnight on Thanksgiving Thursday, November 25th.

Remember, you can join from anywhere in the world.  
You will get access to everything whether it’s live (in person or via Zoom) or on your own time that is more convenient for you.
Nothing is more valuable than your health.
Therefore, it's tough to put a price on something so important.

With all of the added bonuses, this challenge is easily worth $239.
However, I am making the FU Challenge available for ONLY $119.99!!!
(That’s less than $10/workout...not to mention all the other awesome stuff you get)

Join Us NOW!

After registering, you will receive a welcome email with all of the necessary information to begin and complete the FU Challenge.

We look forward to helping you Finish Up this spring season with Better Health, a Better Life, and a Better World for YOU!!!

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