The Ultimate Wellness L.A.B.

The Ultimate Wellness L.A.B. (or “The L.A.B.”) is a facility where people go to learn the principles of the Ultimate Wellness Lifestyle and use those teachings to help them advance toward their personal wellness goals and achieve their ultimate body.

The L.A.B. is a unique facility. It is not a gym. It is not a fitness center. It is not a standard physical therapy clinic. It is a first-class facility run by highly trained medical fitness professionals with the goal to educate, motivate, and help clients be great.

Whether you need to lose weight, rehabilitate or prevent an injury, or improve you performance in your chosen sport, activity, or occupation, The L.A.B. is the place to get the results you are looking for.

After all, when you think of a “LAB” some of the basic things you might see done are:

  • testing
  • measuring
  • assessing
  • evaluating
  • developing
  • transformations
  • using science and research to support those methods and findings
  • utilizing cutting edge and state of the art techniques as well as sound fundamental principles
  • finding ways to improve, advance, grow

We offer the following Services: